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Electrician London

Our company specializes in electrical wiring and repair. We carry out any projects with our hearts and are not afraid of difficulties!

Here at MrWatt, we are committed to delivering a high standard of electrical repairs. If you need an electrician London, look no further, because we’re ready to help.

As local electricians, we operate in a range of locations across the London area. Hackney, Camden, Islington and West London are just some of the areas we cover. Whilst the majority of our services cover the central London area, we endeavour to be flexible. 

Electricity is such a vital part of everyday life and without it, many things we take for granted simply wouldn’t be available. It’s important that we strive to correct issues quickly and that’s exactly what we aim to do. We make sure that you can get the support and help you need when there is a problem by arriving quickly. 

MrWatt is the pride and joy of its owner, Andrzej. An electrician with more than a decade of experience, Andrzej is a deeply spiritual man with a passion for martial arts and veganism. You might say that his work keeps him grounded, and affords him the chance to relax with his young daughter. However, behind the charming man is a detail-oriented, professional mind that focuses on forging a relationship with the customer. 

An Electrical Company You Can Trust

Here at MrWatt, we endeavour to put you at ease with our reputation. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we have a strong customer base, and that’s why you can use authorities like Trust a Trader and Checkatrade to see for yourself. 

We have many satisfied customers in our history, and our focus on excellent customer service helps to secure winning results. We believe in tailoring our services to suit your specific needs and requirements, and it is a responsibility we take very seriously. 

As your number one choice for an electrician London, we invite you to look at testimony from past customers to see that we are committed to service. We work tirelessly to improve ourselves, and it’s all because we want to help you. 

We focus on customer service first, because we understand how important it can be for you to feel reassured by the professionals that you have chosen to assist you. We actively make sure that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the work we have done for you, and are more than happy to customise what we do to suit your specific requirements. We understand that electrical faults can be particularly problematic, which is why we actively work hard to give you the best possible choices for repairs. 


Electrical safety Certificate

MrWatt provide documents that demonstrates the safety of the electrical installations.It is a big part of ensuring that your property is fit for occupation


Electrical Installation Condition Report


Electrical Appliance Testing

NEIC For New Installation

Our Services

The search for electrical repairs near me is over. We’re more than qualified to carry out a range of services to make sure that you have a minimal disruption to your life. 

We can diagnose problems for you, identify and correct faults, and test your electricity to make sure that it works in the best way possible. 

We’re also more than happy to complete a broad number of tasks for you, ranging from domestic to commercial work. Whether you’re after a new plug socket, a complete rewire, or any other electrical work, we’re happy to help. 

Our team is happy to work around your schedule and we make sure that there is minimal disruption to your everyday life. You won’t even know we’ve been – we make sure that your premises are left tidy and clean. 

Our full range of services includes the following for your convenience: 

  • Diagnosing, correcting and repairing any electrical faults that you have. 
  • Installing additional plug sockets and lighting fixtures.
  • Replacing and fitting of switches and sockets, for things like cookers and domestic appliances.
  • Upgrading and replacing any fuse boards in the home.
  • Providing a partial and complete rewiring. 
  • Installing shower supplies and/or a bathroom extractor fan.
  • The testing and inspection of electrical components and systems.
  • Upgrading and fitting new lighting for bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • Installing emergency lighting for crisis situations.
  • Installing fire and alarm systems in both commercial and domestic properties. 
  • Installing and mounting TV wall brackets.
  • Installing and fitting a broad range of outdoor electronics as required.


Ready to Help

Your local electrician will turn up ready to help you solve whatever problem you face. Our team of talented electricians have all the tools they need on hand to tackle a variety of challenges, along with replacement parts for a variety of small electrical faults.

We aim to respond promptly to your request for help, which means that wherever possible, we come to you within 24 hours. Our commitment to service means that we’ll always aim to get you back to normal life as fast as we can. 

When you first get in contact with us we’ll use the initial conversation to assess what’s gone wrong with your system and make sure that your home is safe in the interim. Some electrical faults require the power to be left off and we’ll do our best to advise you if this is the case. 

Contact Us Today

Electrical faults can seem like a major headache, and when you need an electrician London, time is often of the essence to restore your life back to normal. We are committed to making sure that your experiences are wholly positive ones, because we know that you need to get the problem solved. 

We have the knowledge and the tools to tackle a wide range of electrical problems, and promise efficient and speedy repairs. If we cannot immediately repair something for you owing to the need for a specialist part, we will be able to source it quickly and complete the repairs as soon as we can, because we want to minimise the disruption to your everyday life.

If you’ve got an electrical issue that you need help with, please feel free to get in contact with us today and find out what we can do for you. A member of the team would be more than happy to discuss your needs, and make sure that you get the appropriate support. 

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