Fault Finding

Electricity is the basis without which most of us would not be able to function for more than a dozen or so hours. Because although without TV or the Internet, we could probably do it longer, the spoilage of food in our immobilized refrigerators would quickly show us how much we need electricity in the socket on a daily basis. The owners of single-family houses, who would also have a heating problem, would be in a particularly bad situation. Because even when they do not use typical electric heat sources, they usually need electricity to power central heating stoves and pumps.

Finding the cause of the failure

When a failure of the electrical system occurs, it should be determined at the beginning, fault finding .

 whether it happened only at our home or in a larger area. For this, it is enough to communicate with the neighbors. 

If it turns out that they also do not have electricity, all we have to do is report it to the appropriate energy distributor. 

It is he, and not the producer, for instance the power plant, who is responsible for removing any damage to the power grid.

Fuses - check

We will be able to do a little more when we determine that the lack of electricity only affects our house or apartment. 

In such cases, it most often turns out that the problem is simply a blown or disconnected fuse, 

commonly known as a plug, in newer installations replaced with an overcurrent switch, for instance a popular ESC. 

Then, the removal of the failure consists in restoring the continuity of the electric circuit.

Need to repair the electrical system?

If, despite the inspection and after removing the causes of any failures, the mains voltage does not return after switching on the fuses, switch them off again and do not take any further actions yourself. The only thing left for us in this situation is to call an electrician. We must also do the same, when after switching on the fuses they turn off immediately. People without experience for instance, children, elderly people and women. They should immediately contact a specialist without first trying to fix the fault.

Further work related to the repair of the electrical system in the house or apartment should be performed by a qualified electrician. Only he will know how to safely and effectively remove this type of failure. Other types of repairs an electrician must perform are:

  • elimination of short circuits in the installation
  • elimination of loose wires in boxes 
  • general modernization of the electrical network

The participation of a qualified electrician in this type of work requires not only the level of difficulty, but also legal regulations. About the very important legal aspects of repairs of electrical installations, and above all about the responsibility for their proper implementation.

When deciding to call a specialist, you should also properly prepare for his visit to facilitate his work. In this case, the documentation of the electrical installation is of key importance, which should be supplemented at the construction or renovation stage with photos of wires on the walls, taken before the plaster is applied. Thanks to this, the electrician will know how to carry out the work so as to cause as little damage as possible and not cause further damage.