Fire alarm installation and testing .MrWatt understands it is not only the electrical 

aspects of a property that are important but the safety of the building. 

As well as offering a faultless service for those searching for an electrician in London, 

MrWatt can also offer fire alarm installation and testing.

Fire alarms have evolved in recent years, and to receive the full benefits, 

it is important to enlist the services of a professional regarding installation and testing.

Fire Alarm Installation and Testing Offers Complete Peace of Mind

Nobody likes to think about the worst-case scenario, but this doesn’t mean that safeguards

 cannot be instilled in a home or business. Fire alarms were once just an alert, 

but the functionality on offer today is far more sophisticated.

Of course, the same alert feature is still in place, but there will be other components that 

help enhance the safety of a building, as well as those inside it.

The complexity of these safety functions means that an electrical company 

experienced in fire alarm installation and testing must carry out the work. 

Testing the fire alarm can be carried out internally, but it is advisable 

to also run tests through a qualified electrician to ensure that all aspects

 of the fire alarm are operating as they should. Instructing an electrician 

also allows for potential faults that can be fixed quickly so the integrity 

of the fire alarm system isn’t compromised.


Is a Fire Alarm a Legal Requirement?

The installation of a fire alarm can confuse some, as they are unsure of the regulations regarding warning systems.

There is no legal requirement to have a fire alarm installed in the home, but it is advisable from a safety aspect. 

The installation of a fire alarm can also help reduce the cost of home insurance, although there are other factors to consider.

From a business perspective, there is no legal requirement for a fire alarm,

 but the company needs a proactive fire detection system. Given the potential damage a fire can do,

 many businesses will choose a fire alarm system because of the additional features it offers. 

Again, a business that takes time to review its fire safety protocols can find there are financial 

advantages regarding insurance policies. The protection a fire alarm system delivers allows for complete peace of mind. 


Do Fire Alarms Require Maintenance?

As fire alarms are connected to the mains, they will require maintenance to ensure they’re operating at their full capacity. 

Those with a fire alarm system should aim to carry out a test once a month. 

Fortunately, those who choose MrWatt for their fire alarm installation and testing 

can also arrange a regular maintenance schedule.

Can I Install My Own Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector?

Some people can think smoke alarm and fire alert systems are the same, but they offer different functionality. Although the two can overlap from a safety aspect, the installation requirements are different.

The focus on smoke alarms is attributed to how easy fires can start. 

Their use has been so prominent that it is not unusual for the fire brigade to fit them in residential homes for free. 

Where a smoke detector senses smoke, a fire alarm offers both detection and action.


Find Fire Alarm Installation in London with Ease

Although many people know they want a fire alarm, they could be hindered by a lack of available electricians. 

London is a large area, and those researching electricians may find that there are few options available in their area. 

MrWatt operates in Central London, North London, West London, and East London. In addition to those, 

MrWatt only uses its own vetted and experienced engineers, so customers can be

 assured of a professional service that can be carried out at a time that suits them.


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Fire alarm installation and testing