Commercial Electrician London

Commercial Electrician London. Without a doubt, rules and regulations are something businesses must contend with daily. Clearly, it is easy to see why some businesses can overlook their electrical needs.  Even so, early electrical equipment maintenance and repair can save business money.

Fortunately, using a reliable and reputable commercial electrician in London ensures that a business can maintain its electrical equipment and always establish a safe working environment. It also allows the business to operate productively.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Regarding Electrical Inspection and Maintenance

Electrical installations require an Electrical Installation Condition Report, often abbreviated to EICR. The EICR is not a legal requirement but is used by millions of businesses. The reason for this is that an EICR gives a clear and unbiased overview.

An EICR is also referred to as a Landlord Safety Test but is used by all businesses to ensure electrical installations are safe. Not only does an EICR help establish equipment is working, but it can also be used to detail faults.

Finding the Right Professional

Undoubtedly, the importance of hiring the right electrician should always be the first consideration for a business. As well as ensuring that the professional used holds the right credentials, the right skills are also a must. 

Those searching for an electrician for the first time may assume that all electricians are the same, but this isn’t the case. It should be noted that those requiring maintenance, repairs or installations on business premises must use a commercial electrician.

MrWatt is a professional electrical company that ensures customers have easy access to experienced electricians. If you’re currently updating business premises or want to ensure that a meets the necessary safety protocols, then why not contact MrWatt? 

What Kind of Jobs Can MrWatt Help With?

Commercial electrician London .MrWatt understands that no two projects are the same, which is why a tailored service is always given. Some of the more common roles undertaken by commercial electricians include but are not limited to the following.

  • Full and Partial Electrical Rewires
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase Installation
  • LED Lighting Conversions
  • Distribution Board Installation
  • Electrical Maintenance and Fault Finding
  • Network Cabling
  • Fast Fixing of Faults
  • Thorough Electrical Inspections
  • Seamless Communication
  • Time Efficient Service
The Benefits of Using MrWatt

MrWatt understands the time can be limited, which is why it responds to all enquiries quickly MrWatt will arrange a full site inspection following the enquiry and list the work that needs to be done. 

As well as receiving a full breakdown of the options available, businesses using MrWatt can also take advantage of the following benefits.

In addition to this, employing the services of a professional company like MrWatt has several benefits from a business. Along with the role of maintaining a safe working environment, equipment faults can also be avoided.


Businesses can make significant savings when using MrWatt, as any faults found when carrying out an inspection can be repaired quickly.

There can be instances where the roles of a commercial and residential electrician crossover Using a company like MrWatt ensures an effective and compliant service in every instance.  

If you are searching for a commercial electrician or want to enquire about the commercial electrician services from MrWatt then get in touch today to discuss your requirements in more detail.