Consumer Unit Replacement

Consumer unit replacement .Although everyone will know what a consumer unit is, not everyone knows what to do should one become defective. Fortunately, using a professional electrician can ensure a consumer unit is replaced as soon as possible with little disruption to the home or business.

What Is a Consumer Unit?

Some may assume that a consumer unit is another name for a fuse box. 

Despite fuse boxes and consumer units serving the same purpose, they operate in different ways. 

Whereas a fuse box uses a fuse with melting wires to deal with overloaded circuits, 

a consumer unit uses circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers offer a similar safety function but are resettable. 

This automated nature of circuit breakers means the electrics remain off 

until the fault is found and can easily be reset after.


Can I Replace My Own Consumer Unit?

It may tempt those wanting to save money when carrying out repairs to do the work themselves. 

However, only a qualified electrician can work on consumer units.

This is because if a fault arises, the person responsible for the repair will be held accountable, 

and there can be a lot of risk for those who are inexperienced. 

Using a professional electrician like MrWatt allows for peace of mind in every instance.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Consumer Unit?

One of the most asked questions regarding consumer units is how much they cost to replace. 

The cost of a fuse box replacement can depend on several factors, including the type of consumer unit being replaced and the type of property.

However, ensuring you use a professional electrician like MrWatt means it gives you a realistic overview of the costs. 

Despite the cost involved, many are surprised at how cost-efficient a modem consumer unit can be, 

not to mention the additional safety features.


Choosing the Right Professional for Consumer Unit Renewal

Although there are affordable ways of carrying out consumer unit replacement, 

there must be value in the service. MrWatt can advise on your current consumer unit and tell you whether a replacement is required.

It is advised that an electrician checks consumer units at least every ten years,

 but if there are ongoing faults, then a replacement may be the answer. Many consumer units have an average lifespan of 20 years.

However, this does not account for any faults that may arise. 

If it has been some time since an inspection has been carried out on the property, 

then it may be worthwhile checking to see if you could benefit from an updated consumer unit.

Choosing a professional electrician like MrWatt guarantees you are always being given sound advice regarding electrical work.

 Including the renewal of a consumer unit. Customers also be confident that all work carried out meets safety regulations in every instance.