Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse box replacement.The plastic switch-gears are most often used in houses, initially they were made of metal. The door, made of brushed stainless steel or aluminum, or finished with a coating in various colors, can blend in with the interior design.


Switchboards - Fuse box

Switchboards do not need to be equipped with an electric meter. Currently, for the convenience of users and the collector, the meter is mounted outside the switchgear, in a place easy to read, preferably outside the building:

  • on the wall of the house,
  •  in the meter box, installation in the fence line next to the cable connector

The meter box should be at such a height that the meter is installed in it at a minimum height of 80 cm from the ground.

Modernization of the switching station

The replacement of the old electric board with fuses for a new one equipped with overcurrent switches and residual current devices should also be connected with the change of the electric installation. Modernization, although burdensome, will improve the comfort and safety of using the entire system. The need to replace the fuses in the event of a failure is eliminated – after removing the defect, simply move the lever of the modular fuse to reconnect the voltage.

Separate electrical circuits

It is important to have separate electrical circuits for the devices concerned so that a failure of one device does not cause faults in the others.

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Installation performed by specialists

It should be remembered that the replacement of the switchboard should be preceded by the elaboration of a modernization project of the electrical system. We also have to agree it with the Electric Company. Installation should be performed by specialists. An electrician with qualifications for voltage up to a minimum of 1 kV, granted, among others, by the Association of  Electrical Engineers (NIcEic) and renewed every 5 years, will provide us not only with comfort, but above all safety.