Despite the many shower types available, electric showers remain a popular choice. As well as delivering instant hot water, electric showers only heat the water being used. As such, an electric shower is an efficient option for those wanting to reduce their energy bills.

Should a Professional Be Used for Replacing an Electrical Showers?

Although replacing an electrical shower is more manageable than installing one, 

some still would rather leave it to the professionals. When using a professional, 

there is always an assurance that the finished result will be flawless and add value to the home.

The additional peace of mind is that the professional being used for an electric

 shower installation is qualified and insured.

The installation of an electric shower must conform to Part P of the Building Regulations.

 Part P ensures that the finished install is professionally fitted and safe to use by inhabitants of the building.

MrWatt can offer fully qualified electricians who can contend with all forms of electrical work, 

including installations and repairs. Customers can be confident of quality workmanship 

as MrWatt is a member of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NIC EIC).


Is The Installation of an Electrical Shower Expensive?

Those considering the installation of an electric shower may be concerned that the process is expensive. 

There are several factors that need to be considered when planning the installation of a shower,

 and although budget is important, so too is reliability and efficiency.

Fortunately, those wanting an efficient shower will find plenty of options available. 

Using an experienced electrician for shower installation ensures that you can take 

full advantage of your bathroom and be confident that there is no risk of harm.


What Type of Shower Is Best Suited to My Needs?

One of the most asked questions is what type of shoer is best suited to a household, 

but the answer can vary. When deciding on a shower, the placement can make a difference,

 like the type of boiler.

Another benefit of using an experienced electrician in London for shower installation 

is that you can take advantage of several years’ experience, which allows you to find 

the best fit for your budget while meeting all your requirements.


MrWatt Can Offer Affordable Electric Shower Installation in All Parts of London

When installing an electric shower, it’s not only the type of shower that must be considered.

 Finding the right electrician in London can be difficult at times, 

but this is never the case when using MrWatt.

As well as offering a professional shower installation, customers can be

 confident of a prompt service in several areas of London, including Hackney, 

Camden, Notting Hill. Enfield and Hounslow.