Hot Tubs

Hot TubsIt, is best to call professionals for the installation of the bathtub. MrWatt specializes in the installation of this type of equipment. Thanks to us, you will save time, which you can spend on relaxing in your new hot tube.

The bathtub must be stable, it should be level. The tub is connected to the electricity supplying the pump, hot and cold water as well as the sewage system.

hot tubs

Safe to use with the hot tubs

Hot tubs .The whole is usually masked by an elegant acrylic panel. 

The electrical installation should be necessarily protected with a residual current device,

 and the bathtub should be properly earthed. The main task of the bathtub installer is

 its correct positioning and connecting the power cord. Pipes in which the water flows

 are placed in the direction of the slope to the drain. Insulation between the bathtub 

and the wall can be an exceptionally good solution to dampen the air noise coming from the nozzles.