Consumer Unit

There can be several reasons why a consumer unit trips. It could be due to a small device like a bedside lamp or iron, or larger appliances like a fridge or washing machine. Initially, a consumer unit can seem like a simple concept. However, when something goes wrong, you must enlist the services of a professional electrician.

Fire alarm installation and testing

The cost of a consumer unit can be concerning to some, but it should be considered an investment. Not only is tripping electrics annoying, but it also shows that there is an electrical fault somewhere on the premises that require attention. 

Of course, there will be instances when the fault is minimal. However, there can be just as many instances when a fault needs to be fixed immediately. 

Fortunately, finding the right electrician in London doesn’t have to be a laborious process, especially when enlisting the services of MrWatt. As well as being readily available, MrWatt can also provide customers with a full breakdown of how much consumer unit repair will cost.

Is There Paperwork Is Needed for a Consumer Unit Replacement?

How Much Does a Consumer Unit Repair Cost?

In some instances, a new consumer unit may be the most effective option. After a new consumer unit has been fitted, an electrical installation certificate (EIC) will be completed and submitted to the local authority within 30 days.

Should I Check My Consumer Unit If No Fault is Present?

Even in instances where no fault is present with the consumer unit, it can be advisable to have it checked every ten years. Not only does this allow for full confidence that no fault is present but can also allow you to consider efficient options. 

Using a professional electrician for consumer unit repair and replacement ensures you are fully aware of the options available based on your requirements,

Are All Units the Same?

Those with little electrical experience may wonder whether all consumer units are the same. Although there can be a lot of similarities between the different models available, there can also be differences. For example, a main switch consumer unit is the main switch that offers no additional protection.

Similarly, a high-integrity consumer unit allows for additional protection due to the separation of circuits. The right choice can depend on several factors, and further highlights the benefits of using a professional electrician.

MrWatt is a Professional and Reliable Electrician That Covers London

Although there are plenty of electricians available in the London area, not all of them will be able to contend with the task at hand. Fortunately, help is available in the form of MrWatt, a company that has several years’ experience in contending with all types of electrical work. 

MrWatt is a professional electrician that covers most of the London area and can ensure that consumer units are fault-free and efficient, as well as being able to contend with other types of electrical work. 

If you have some concerns about your consumer unit, or just want to update to a more efficient solution, then why not contact MrWatt to discuss your requirements in more detail?