Electric Cooker Installation

Installing an electric cooker What is an electric cooker?
An electric cooker is an alternative to a gas cooker. It comes in several variants. The hob itself can be electric, as well as a separate oven, which is part of the kitchen furniture. The term electric cooker also includes a free-standing model. Among electric hobs, there are those with cast iron burners, ceramic models with a flat and smooth surface and the increasingly popular induction hobs.

electric cooker installation

Although they look similar, they differ in how the heat is generated. 

When choosing an electrically powered hob, it is worth paying attention to the cooking zones,

which must be adapted to the diameter of the pot.

The offer also includes models with non-standard dimensions of fields that fit into larger kitchen equipment, 

such as roasting pans. Among electric cookers, you can also find free-standing cookers that can be powered

 by electricity or electricity and gas at the same time.

In each of these cases, the device must be connected to the electricity network. 

Connecting an electric cooker is a task for an electrician or new kitchen owner who

 has previously sought theoretical knowledge. When assembling, remember to follow the safety rules.

How to connect the electric hob to electricity?

Before buying an electric stove and connecting it, you should remember a few basic rules. 

The first is security considerations. If the kitchen is open to the room where the owner of the

 apartment or other household members sleeps, do not buy a gas hob.

The second rule is to check the maximum power consumption of the model in the store, 

and then make sure that the electrical system in the building will be able to withstand the load.

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